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Im not apart of the offical Test but Im going to post some specs temps anyways since I did buy it straight from HWC.

While doing these tests on my i7 HT was set to off @ 3.8ghz specs are in my signature. I have a 1/2 dtek system.

Compound: AC5
Abient Temp: 25c
Idle Temp:
cpu1: 41c
cpu2: 36c
cpu3: 34c
cpu4: 35c
Load Temp:
cpu1: 65c
cpu2: 62c
cpu3: 61c
cpu4: 61c

Ambient Temp: 25c
Idle Temp:
cpu1: 35c
cpu2: 30c
cpu3: 31c
cpu4: 31c
Load Temp:
cpu1: 56c
cpu2: 51c
cpu3: 52c
cpu4: 53c

This stuff is amazing, I got almost a 10c drop on the first core underload.

good stuff if you guys have any spare tubes let me know id love to take them off ur hands.
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