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Please don't get that impression. Hardware canucks is a place for everyone to learn, and if it weren't for on-line forums, I never would have learned as much as I have. It takes time (and money) to become experienced in these things, but that's not for everybody. There are many out there who are far more advanced than me. Here's how I'd say it ranks (approximately) in levels:

lvl 1 - hardware noob, wouldn't know a CPU socket from a RAM DIMM
lvl 2 - fairly familiar with hardware, can assemble a computer, not up to date on recent changes
lvl 3 - can choose well rounded, current components that make sense with each other, besides being compatible
lvl 4 - familiar with basic overclocking concepts, and wanting to dabble in it
lvl 5 - intermediate overclocking, generally using air cooling. Pretty easy to get this point with some help
lvl 6 - loves tweaking, spends almost as much time measuring the performance of their machine as actually USING it. Uses air or water cooling.
lvl 7 - Starts to get kinda crazy around here. Experimenting with packaged phase change kits, building chillers. Peltier cooling falls into here somewhere
lvl 8 - learning to build your own phase units, very familiar with sub-zero cooling
lvl 9 - dry ice and liquid nitrogen. 'nuff said
lvl 10 - can actually fabricate pretty much anything required for any of the before levels. These guys are usually engineers of some sort by trade.
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