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Thanks for the tip. I was letting vcore run on AUTO, and there must be some lag in the volts when the CPU steps up. At any rate, things are much better with the vcore set to 1.35.

I am amazed at the ease at OC'ing the E6750. With the stock vcore of 1.35, I am running the CPU at 8x425 = 3.4 GHz (better than my goal), without any fancy tweaks, totally stable, and temp at 50C with the CPU fan running at half speed.

For fun, I tried 8x435 at stock volts. Booted up no problems, but crashed on heavy load. With the temp I am getting, I would expect to be able to push this much higher by upping the vcore ... etc. However, I am pretty happy running 3.4 GHz on stock volts for now.
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