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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
Available for PC ? If not, it can sucks my *****!
/me nods
Incase that is true...
Halo three
can suck me
Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
hey it rhymes.
Heh, few hours ago I heard CBC News Sunday Night or w/e it is, was mentioning Halo 3. So, I ended up waiting through almost the entire show just to see a tiny little bit near the end.. At least I think it was near the end. I don't think that little amount of useless information was worth it really. :\

I certainly won't be buying an xbox 360 _just_ to play Halo 3 with a gamepad though. I would need to be very much interested in many other available games and have a keyboard+mouse, wheel and joystick.
However that is a different issue and I am still dealing with my Racer, SoFII, UT99 and FreeSpace 2 addictions anyway. :P

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