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Originally Posted by zoob View Post
I call BS on both of these statements.

Back when I ran my SATA drives in IDE mode, heavy I/O would cause my high end system (at the time) coming to a grinding halt.

We're talking 3 hard drives and 1 dvd burner, extract from A->B, burn from C->DVD, and then getting less than 1X burning speed.

Questions - SATA performance, RAID, reliability - XtremeSystems Forums
In particular, my reply on post #11.

I've successfully switched from IDE->AHCI on an XP and Vista installs using the instructions found here: HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows - PC Perspective Forums
That is fine I've run both tests and neither were much different from each other.

All AHCI provides is hot swapping for ESATA and usage of NCQ if your hdd has it which has been shown to be detrimental to performance not increase it.

Enabling Write Cache will give you more performance than enabling AHCI.

And funny that article you posted says the exact same thing I did. However, in the real world the performance difference isn't huge.

So.. say again whose calling bullshit?
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