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Bah, I have done a lot of painting metal. And people seem to swear by Krylon, however everytime I use it and it's terrible primers I'm not satisfied.

I use Dupli-Color, but not before surface prep and lots of coats of their self etching auto primer.
Agreed, an automotive paint is going to offer the best protection. I used Dupli Color a few years ago to paint my old keyboard and mouse and it held up really good, I didnít used primer at the time but you should I just sanded really well. The only thing I found was a problem was the clear coat took a long time to get hard (cure), I find that with Krylon it dries and cures a lot faster so more coats can be applied in one day. If you have the time or if youíre only using a couple of clear coats use the Dupli Color, if you donít have the time and want to apple multiple coats in the same day with minimal cure time then Krylon might be better, but for long term ware Dupli Color will be better.

Below I have some current pics (old camera) of the old mouse and keyboard just to show how it held up, painted maybe 4 years ago I believe (The red color).

*EDIT* If your doing metal parts that can fit in the oven, you can really reduce the cure time or if you have a heat lamp. (Don't go too high with temp and it will stink you place out )

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