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My System Specs


Been a long time since an update, work on it is finally happening(got the missing pieces).

Got my pump all prepped for it's time in the sun

The leftover bracket from my old reservoir is absolutely perfect for this application, can slide the pump side to side and easily up and down, mounts where I wanted it without any fuss

I got kind of ghetto-functional with my psu, I couldn't find what I needed to screw it in so I cut up some packing foam that it arrived in and voila! Soft but firm mounts for the psu.

Ghetto fabulous

The front bay, just absolutely filled up with stuff, too bad this configuration DOESN'T WORK. my internal USB cable is borked and I haven't had the balls to cut it up yet, gonna have to make a custom one I guess, this orientation is just way too perfect.

Once my camera is back up I'm gonna get it all test fitted and take a daylight pic(iPhone camera is bullshit).
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