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My System Specs


In terms of overclocking, I want to try to tweak fsb, ram and the 8800 gpu (I am not adverse to voltage increases, but I'm not sure how much is safe). . I think the 8800 gpu should be easy using the nTune program that comes with the board. As for the cpu, apparently this board allows you to lower the multiplier (just discovered this), so my possibilities are numerous and perhaps beyond my current grasp-- I'd like to get 3.0 Ghz (8x375 i guess) out of the cpu, but who knows, maybe i can do 400 X 8. The system is en route from ncix*** so I'm doing my research before it gets here so I can get right to work on it.

The big limiter that i forsee, and the part i really don't get is the RAM. I have heard that people haven't had much luck squeezing alot of extra juice from the ocz gold. I have heard people getting 850 mhz from it, but I am not sure how to tweak the settings on ram, and I am afraid of increasing voltage for it.

My PSU is a OCZ gameXStream 700.

***I just discovered direct canada after i made my ncix order and found that at least some of their prices are lower-- I haven't done a whole system comparison yet as I don't want to depress myself, but I wish I had before***

Thanks for taking the time to help a noob!

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