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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sprengkopf View Post
Okey. You can see we firstly choosing HIS 4850 IceQ. But I think again and somethings come to my mind. In the near future maybe ATI and nVidia boths pronounced their new graphic cards. Maybe they are in new series may be contunie produce the same still. But I'm sure they are better than nowadays graphic cards like 4850. I think we are waste our money to buy 4850 maybe I have to buy 4770. Do you agree with this? If I can go with 4770 (maybe HIS will make a IceQ version of 4770.) very huge budget is stay in my pocket. And I can play the games as well. With 4770 can I play the future games?? (In 2010 and 2011??) I'm not a mad like want to play games in high resolutions and perfect details. I can play them in medium details it is not a problem...
Turning to 4770 is a good point??

I would get the 4850 Right now, because from what I've been told recently they are having Production Problems with the 4770 so its hard to find at the current time.
Then in a year or two you can get a different and better ATi Card and stay current.

The 4850 might be good for a year or two more so long as like you said, play at medium settings and details.


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