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No problem getting to 3.2 GHz at all. Prime95 stable for 6+hr so far, with vcore 1.34, & core temp around 50. <Asus Q-fan is still running the CPU fan on medium, so I guess all is well on the temp front.>

However, I am noticing that the computer appears to be slower running at 3.2 GHz! When I was running at 3.0 GHz, I can have Prime95 running at 100% CPU load (both cores) & still open windows & do stuff with some degree of snappiness. Running at 3.2 GHz, I am noticing a 1 second or 2 delay doing the same things. In fact, while Prime was running, windows decided to update, at the same time my antivirus decided to run a scan. This slowed things down so much that I thought the computer frozed.

I am wondering if this is my immagination, or is there a trade off - ie running a faster FSB might speed up single thread work but slow down multi-thread processes? Perhaps I should run the machine at 3.0 vs 3.2 for a few days each & see if there is a real world difference...

Any thoughts or advice?
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