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My System Specs


I agree with you though for Forza comparing Gran Turismo. But I like those sims. I like the fact, that if you put the trigger all the way down, you will start sliding and drifting. In Gran Turismo, they still got that icy feeling. The car feels like you are on ice. Don't try to drift though.

But true most of them are just sequels, like Left 4 Dead 2 ? They could have done a simple update or DLC. But since it's too big for console to handle, BAM new game.

Dead Rising 2 is suppose to have a new saving system less annoying then the first one. God yes you are on that though, I saved during an outdated mission so I had to restart my game...

Anyways i'm not excepting something from Nintendo at all. I mean maybe they could announce a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus and co. but they are making so much money they don't care. My Wii has been collecting dust since a while now.

On Sony, I would like to see them actually release something. The 3 past years have been promises and such, so far, only a few have been done. I want to see MAG in action, I mean 256 players in one game = awesome. Also, the new Kojima annoucement with Big Boss as the playable character will be interresing.
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