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Originally Posted by Chos3n View Post
I dunno why you such a hater about Forza because it's such a nice game. Driving Physics are far better then Gran Turismo. At least when you press the game, you feel your car drifting.
Personally, I like Gran Turismo better due to the fact that I like my racers with an acrade feel to them. To me Forza is far too overdone with realistic physics and then falls flat on its face when trying to play it with an actual racing wheel.

Here are my takes:

Crackdown 2
Hated the first one so I am not looking forward to the sequel.

Forza 3
See above.

Halo: ODST

Alan Wake
Over the cell phone, you could hear people snicker when this one was announced. Many are calling vaporware but we will have to see because the potential is there.

Left 4 Dead 2
Why anyone would want to play L4D on a console is beyond me.

Dead Rising
Intersting but idiotic save system kills it for me.

MGS: Raiden
MGS Lite. No thanks. The XBox 360 disks just can't handle the information necessary for a PROPER MGS game. Probably not an exclusive.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Not enough info for me to get excited about it.

I used to be a pretty avid 360 gamer but the last game I bought and enjoyed on it was Ace Combat 6.
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