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Default Newbie QNAP TS209Pro Questions!!

Hi all,
please forgive my ignorance but I've only just got my ts209pro and I'm trying to get my head around everything!
I obviously want to back up all my music, photos, videos, documents, emails etc as well as using the media server functions to connect to my xbox 360 and play files back like videos, photos etc on my t.v. using this.
What do I do though?
Is the qmultimedia folder only for viewing files via the web or does it also act as a sort of backup for my files currently on my laptop?
What I'd like to do is use the ts209 as my default storage location for everything and access these files as and when needed from there.
Do I use netbak replicator to achieve this and does it automatically place backed up files into the correct folders on the ts209? Or, do I need to use netbak replicator to move files onto the ts209 and then separately place these files into for example "music", "videos", "photos" folders within qmultimedia (which would in effect be doubling the space used for them on the ts209 unless I'm wrong)?
Also, there are basically three of us using computers within our household - do I need to set each one of us up as users on the ts209 and where do we place files do they just go into the public folder to be organized later or do they need to go into the qmultimedia folder in their relevant sections of music, photos, videos etc? What I basically want for example is for my son to be able to download t.v. programs as he does, save them by default somewhere on the ts209 and for any of us to be able to view that program on the t.v. via the xbox 360.
I'm sorry if this seems like basic stuff to you, but it's got me very confused at the moment and all help is much appreciated.
p.s. Also, do I need to map just the public folder or do I have to map qmultimedia, qusb etc. etc.? Cheers Rick
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