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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Maybe pande should have reacted the same way when Sony released it's PS3 with a default folding name already hardwired into the system. I'm sure many people were rather upset that all their investment and time to reach the top of the individual standing were for not when 10s of thousands of PS3 users were folding unknowingly under the same folding tag.

Maybe pande shouldn't include users that gather points from multiple locations and users, another example of this skewing the individual standings is the challenges that have sprung up over the last 6 months with the Folding apes and other monkey based folding tags that teams have set up to combine many users under one name and pool points.

Personally I'm starting to lose that loving feeling where folding is involved as I'm finding it hard to justify the cost and commitment to a project where so little real scientific progress is made. I started thinking this way after hearing pete scout on that overclockers podcast try to explain real world advances coming from the folding effort, it was a hard sell and didn't satiate the skeptic in me. That was almost 3 years ago since that podcast and after much searching I've found very little progress derived from F@H efforts since.

Don't get me wrong here I'm not going to stop folding, I'll continue pulling the cart but as far as individual stat climbing is concerned the mule has eaten that carrot on a stick long ago.

I don't think I ever could lose the loving feeling.
It is a Worthy Cause.
There is a Gentlemen at my work (a Dr. of Chemistry to be exact), who 30+ years ago did the Original Protien 'Folding' With Printouts and special 3D 'glasses' that would 'fold' the multiple views of the Protien to give a better view of it.
In Those years till now, we have gone by leaps and bounds in our understanding of such things.
There is a Purpose out there for doing this.
Progress takes years and years and years.
We need to keep it up, and keep going forward.
There might not be a 'breakthrough' , but there will be understanding gained and eventually like all things deemed 'un-curable' , cured.


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