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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Aside from the ethical issues associated with this, actions such as these risk getting F@H flagged as malware, as most users would have to read the really fine print to know that they may be folding.
You know, I may be a complete bastard, but.....

I really don't have a problem with brain dead individuals who install fake cracks or whatever and get "infected" with FAH. I mean seriously, most of those people don't know what the hell their computer is doing at *any* point in time.

My case:

I used to be on IRC a lot. I was on 2.5mbit DSL at the time. I was attacked by a 120 strong botnet. That's a pretty small botnet. Most of these machines were from east USA and had a good solid 70 to 80K/sec send speed. My connection was so horribly ruined I could not use it at all. Nothing worked.

I went to my friends house with a list of IP addresses. I started doing port scans on them. Each machine had up to 5 responsive ports. I looked up these responsive port numbers on trojan lists and they were ALL backdoors into their system. I used my friends machine to connect up to these backdoored machines and loaded in my own backdoor. I used Back Orifice. I killed off all the "ping.exe" in the process list and then deleted ping.exe off their computer. It took me quite a few hours but soon I had "neutered" enough of these machines that my internet connection started to work.

At that point in time I changed methods. I tried contacting the users of the machines. I popped up dialogs and told them something along the idea like... "Your machine is infected... please go and use an online virus scanner and get your machine cleaned"

One guy I saw was burning a cd of music. I popped up the dialog and said "I'm on your computer, your computer is infected with many viruses. I see that you're going to be burning music but you need to be doing a virus scan immediately as your machine is being used to attack my computer." I then popped up an IE window with housecall antivirus in it. The loser closed both the window of my text and the IE window and continued to make his cd burn list. I was in disbelief. I try one more time with a slightly different and persuasive message and he closes and ignores me again..... sooooo I shut down his burning application.

After this he turned off his computer and I quit wasting my time. I didn't bother telling them that they were infected anymore. I just deleted ping.exe off each machine and was done with it.

(I also downloaded the botnet executable and decoded it. I found and joined the botnet IRC channel. It was HIGHLY enjoyable watching the loser who owned them trying to packet a dialup connected user offline and unable to do so. All the bots happily told him that they were packeting and never passed on the error message that ping.exe was gone.)

Anyway, I know I'm a bastard and intolerant of people who don't take the time to learn things but I have absolutely no problem of people wittingly or unwittingly donate their CPU time to FAH. Ethically it's not right.... but I bet if you gave them a choice of giving up all their upload bandwidth/hard drive space/privacy or CPU time towards a good cause I know what a lot of people would pick. For the most part FAH doesn't make your computer run like shit. ping.exe -f [host] sure makes it hard to browse the web though....
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