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Default Need Uni Notebook for Sister ~$600

Hey guys, I was hoping I could get your help helping my sister.

She's having trouble keeping up with lectures on paper so it's about time she got a new notebook (she has an old model of of the Asus Eee). Her most important criteria is that it's relatively lightweight, good battery life, nice wi-fi capability, and able to play movies. She won't be using it for many intensive programs like gaming or anything. She likes bubble bobble, I guess. Her preferred budget would be six hundred or under CAD but she can go a hundred or something more.

If you guys have suggestions more in the line of what I should be looking for rather than specific models, that would be alright too. I'm not very well versed in mobile parts (to put it nicely) though and a notebook on the cheap is turning up a lot of AMD processors which I don't know about so guidance there would be especially appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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