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My System Specs


Thanks for the feedback and i will try to do overclocks today.

For temp software what should i be running???

I tried MM5 but it does not seem to pic up my sensors even though there not going to accurate it would be nice to get some idea of what its running at. Its funny it lists A8N32 SLI wireless version and not my board the SLI deluxe???

Should they not be close to the same architecture?

I had thought about running a dry hose from my mini bar fridge to the front of my case to get it some cold air but i'll see how the heatsink works first. lol

My buddy just bought my Opti 165, AC cooler and DFI Ultra-D board that i had running before and he puished it to 2.25 so far. He loves it so thats what gave me the idea to get a decent cooler and see if i can push my new opti just a little.

Any comments on the video portion of my first post????
Intel E8400
4Gb OCZ DDR2 1066
XFX 8800GS XXX 384Mb
750Gb WD Black SATAII
Windows 7 64 bit

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