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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
Those are the cheap, low-end fans. And they use sleeve bearings. So I wouldn't expect them to last forever, but it should have lasted longer than a month.

If you had invested in the S-FLEX series that use S-FDB bearings, they'd probably still be running fine.

So I wouldn't bad-mouth Scythe as a whole, and you might be able to contact NCIX and RMA them.
1: If 1 fan had gone bad and the other one running ok, then i would not have bad mouthed Scythe, but as it happened to 2 fans, then it's not bad luck, and by telling which fan model went wrong, i did not bad mouth Scythe as a whole.

2: I would have had to pay postage to RMA them and would have gotten new ones with the same problem, and would have been unable to use the pc for weeks in the meantime.
For cheap items like fans, i think it's best to just throw them away and get something different right away.

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