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My System Specs

Default BEWARE of Scythe fans!

About 1 month ago i changed the in/out std. fans (front/rear) on my Lian-li case to get better cooling, instead of quietness.

So, i bought 2 Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900RPM/110CFM fans;
They lasted about 1 month; the front one had bearing seizure, and the rear one was already slowing down and would have been dead in a few days at most.

Case temps are always around 28C, so heat was not the factor, if you consider that the front one runs cooler than the rear one and it's the front one that died first.

I now have 2 Thermalright Stealth silent 2000RPM/80.5CFM fans installed;
they are a bit noisier than the Scythe, but they seem to push more air than the Scythe.
My cpu temps, in similar conditions, seem to be about 2-3C lower with the Thermalright fans than before.

So... the moral of this story is:

BEWARE of Scythe fans!

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