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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
DO NOT do any of that. Your drive will be promptly formatted. And well those options should not effect the hard drive from being detected. I have one of those cheap RAID cards and it works fine without building a RAID set, I had 2 drives connected to it just normally.

Have you tried different ports on the motherboard? I'd take a guess and say 2 of them are on a secondary SATA controller (probably the black ones). I'd use the red ports.

However I have a feeling your hard drive might be dead. Seagate Knowledge Base At this point, I'm thinking it's best to follow through with that and contact them about data recovery.
I tried 4 or 5 of the 6 ports yes...2 are black, I tried them after and it was originally connected to the red ones, 1 or 2. The black ones are 5 and 6 and are not shown at all in the bios, 1 to 4 says nothing is I thought it was more the ports than the drive, if 5 and 6 are not even there.
The drive can be dead even if it vibrates?
thanks...I will contact them on Monday I guess....Maxtor lasted 6 yrs and I am on it right now, been beating it to death, and Seagate, 5 months only, sheeesh......
thanks JDROM.
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