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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
I'd suggest returning it since that's way overpriced for Silicon Image. You can grab one off NCIX for like $20. And especially if it isn't the problem...

When your Seagate is plugged into the motherboard, does it show up in the BIOS? If so, you definitely don't need that RAID card.

And in Windows 7, are you able to see the drive that Vista on it? If not, right click "Computer" in the start menu, "Manage", "Disk Management". See if the Vista drive is there, if so initialize it and assign it a drive letter.

Once you've done that, grab EasyBCD and use it to add Vista to the bootloader. Then you should be set to go.
Thanks very much...there was one cheaper at around 25 there but he said it was for esata only...but I might return it yes...
When Seagate is plugged it is not detected in the bios or in any of the Windows Explorer I had at the time, I removed windows 7 to have only vista on the IDE drive now but nothing has changed. Also I have 6 sata ports onboard but in the bios I only see 4 so this is why I thought there was a problem there, and yes sata is enabled in the only place I have found in the bios. I disabled it and re enabled it several times.

i didnt try the disk management thing so I will check that tonight, thanks
will check EasyBCD as well and get back later tonight with results. If that doesnt work can I retrieve the data with a USB enclosure to make it plug and play without booting on it? I think I will never use Outlook again, i cant back up my emails when things like these happen... but I also have 500gb of movies only half backed up.....LOL

edit: I guess that the drive cant be dead, it is warm and it vibrates.
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