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Question SATA detection problem and do you have to format it absolutely on a new controller

Hi, I am at work now so if you need more info , I can give it to you later tonight. And....French Canadian friend here so be patient.

Motherboard ASUS M3N72-D (750i sli) with HDMI, onboard sata , 6 ports.
HDD Seagate 750 GB, I believe 7200 something...the regular one that you buy at Tiger Direct.
AMD Dual Core 3.1 GHZ 64 bit

So this is just a 5 month old Mobo, I have in IDE a Maxtor hd old of 6 yrs old and this seagate connected via SATA, both had been working perfectly for 5 months. I installed Windows 7 on the IDE and Vista 64 on sata but both were working perfectly for a long time. And all of a sudden, I started the pc and in the dual boot, it would not want to boot in Vista via SATA. It said it could not find winload.exe. Then I googled that and I put the vista cd, repaired it. It found another OS of Windows 7, windows.old, that I had removed on the IDE, same partition as the new Windows 7. It did not find Vista on the sata.
then I googled some more, entered in command prompt via the vista cd these commands,
    • Operation completed successfully
    • Operation completed successfully
After that, the dual boot gave me 2 windows 7, the vista option was gone since it could not detect the HD at all.

So even before or after, i checked the bios, looked to load the sata drivers from the vista cd for the seagate HD, I reinstalled Vista only in case Windows 7 was causing this, i think I tried everything, changed the sata and power cables too.

So I went to a specialized store to buy a sata controller pci card since I didnt want to bring the pc in for repair, I thought the sata ports were dead. No time to play with the warranty and call ASUS.

The guy said it should detect the hard drive like plug and play but so far it didn't, so what I am doing wrong? it even installed a bios for the raid drivers, I dont know much about RAID at says on the paper that it can install a RAID bios and a non raid bios but it installed it by itself without giving me the choice. When I reboot, it gives me almost the obligaation to go into that bios but if i wait, i can go into vista again. The new vista, not the old one. but it seems to me like I have to format the HDD to detect it or is there a way to recuperate all my data without formatting? how about a USB enclosure, do they exist for 3.5 disks? I guess they do.

So...I do not want to format that drive, there are like 5 options in the SATA bios but I am afraid to format it as I have no idea what they do, the instructions in the box mean nothing to me. I paid 55$ for this sata controller, it better be good. Silicon Image is the brand.

Ok thanks very much if you can help.
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