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Having used the MSI wind, the EEE 1000HA and the Acer one, as well as the new HP minis and the LG variants I can tell you without a doubt the MSI is the best I have used. Awesome display, really well layed out keys vs all the others we tested, amazing battery life, very good build quality and I personally think it looks better then all of the others besides the HP mini, but the minis only come with 3-cells >.<. I spent about a month testing every netbook I could get my hands on because the gf decided she wants one... I know them all pretty much inside and out now... the wind U100 also looks very similar to the NC10, other then the case colors its very similar. Dont buy the wind U120, its not as good as the U100, it lost battery life and even a little performance over the U100.

Like I said though even the 6 cell U100 is a great netbook with awesome battery life, the 9 cell seems to be good for up to 12 hours with the 6 cell hovering around 8.5, to me anything over 6 hours (normal school day for the GF) is enough, she only needs it to be good for the entire school day till she can get home and plug it in. Even then the charge times are pretty quick as well.

One of the all time biggest problems with netbooks though is keyboard layouts, so many of the new netbooks have the WORST layouts, making it really hard to type on and get used to them, the acer 1 is horible for this, atleast we found it to be, the EEE pc was a little better, but the msi was the best, it had the best tactile feel and the best laid out keys of them all. Nothing is worse then going for a key that isnt there or that is to small and to close to another...
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