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Welcome to the forum from a fellow Truro man, I am running a Opty 165 24/7 Stable at 2.7Ghz with a A8N-SLI SE. Opty's are usually good overclockers depending on the steppings.
A couple free programs you might want to use are a64 MemFreq, and ClockGen. ClockGen lets you change the FSB(HTT) in windows and MemFreq calculates RAM speed. When you get it running good in Windows restart and change setting you got in Windows into Bios. This page helped immensely: AMD64 Overclocking Guide (07/11/06) - Good luck with it.

Also what temps are you getting with that cooler?, I am getting approx 45-50 under load with the vcore @1.45 IHS removed from the cpu and the freezer64.
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