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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
All speculation at this point as nobody really knows what the i5 can do or can't do.

Perhaps they will exceed performance of the i7 but only the lower end chips like the 920

So if I have the i5 equiv of a 920 and someone has a i7 920 and the i5 equiv performs better than the i7 who has spend the money more carefully?
True, this might even be a repeat of the old trend we saw where you could buy budget chips and OC them till they sang. But either way it rolls, it doesn't really matter if each person is happy with their machine, I spent some cash but it will likely last me through for a good 2 years or so without needing any significant upgrades. Did the same thing with my old machine, bought a Q6600 when everyone thought that it was needlessly powerful(right at the time of the pricedrop) and it lasted for 1.5 years and still performed admirably.
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