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Originally Posted by somecanadianguy View Post
No matter what happens I don't see the need to try and make others feel bad/stupid.
Personally, I don't feel bad. I put together this build for around $2000CAD (including the gtx275 I just ordered, and a few small items not in my sig).
That doesn't seem like an unreasonable amount of money to me for a system like this.
From what I understood from past comment from Intel, i5 will NOT exceed i7 in performance, so yes, that cost is more than justified. IN the end, the same from AMD would only be a few hundred less, and the performance loss would match that expense loss.

However, part of the reason AMD can afford to sell theirs for cheaper is partly due to AM3/AM2+ sharing alot of functionality, including AM3 cpus working in AM2+ boards. This wide product line allows for more sales, and thereby lower cost, but in the end, that also affects binning...lesser grade cpus aren't gonna clock like the high-end ones do, while on Intel's platform, the differences between the low-end and high-end, frequency-wise, is very small.

So in the end, your extra cash probably also got you better silicon too.
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