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Originally Posted by cadaveca View Post
I don't know why everyone is so surprised...i7 was to total less than 10% of cpus shipped this year, and less than 2% last year. As such, this was in no way a mainstream product, nor was it expected to have a long lifespan...i7 is the new SkullTrail...and i5 is the mainstream platform.

This is why I decided to skip i7, and move away form Intel-based machines, as thier platform strategy didn't look good to me, as a person that continually upgrades.

I know I play the fanboy alot, but my complaints about i7 are based almost purely on this fact...that i7 was no differnt, and didn't offer any more, than what is currently out. The fact they managed to eke out more performance than Phenom 2 saved thier butts, and given how close the two platforms are, and AMD's APM system, Intel's i7 could become the lesser cpu very quickly...depending on how successful Phenom 2 is.

And maybe me pimping AM3 makes a bit of sense now, as it's clear that AM3 is just going to grow it's line-up; I jsut hope development of i5 boards doesn't affect RS880-based chipset products.
Originally Posted by MpG View Post
I'm inclined to agree, actually. Fact is, i7 was basically an opportunity for people to play with a (slightly) server-spec chipset and processor, getting those tiny little extra gains that were to be had. I mean, what kind of desktop setup actually needs triple-channel memory?

[/shrug] I knew that when I spent the money. Besides, the boards offered were fantastic, and the 920's a great proc, and the couple bucks for the SLI license wasn't too bad. The real money pit was what a lot of people paid for their memory, and that's just how things have always worked.

I mean this is nothing new of multiple sockets with Intel I mean we've always had 775 and 771 so now we'll have i7 and i5.

Also if anyone had bothered to research they would have known that i5 was coming out shortly after i5 and that a few early tests showed that the i5 performed as well as the i7 did.

I've also stated MANY times that i7 would become the new server type chip and the i5 would become the desktop equivalent.

All you early adopters to i7 were simply guinea pigs that spent way to much money for something that if you had waited like myself and others you could have gotten the same performance for cheaper.
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