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Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
3. No official drivers from Nvidia to support it.
Originally Posted by MAC View Post
The driver support shouldn't be a big deal, since it may just be viewed as GTX 285 SLI.
The article mentions that the card is identified as a normal GTX295, by drivers, avoiding and issues. I think they'll be stress-testing to ensure the card lasts longer than 6 months, and if it passes, they'll release it, and if not, maybe they'll put blocks on 'em and ship 'em ready-for-water.

Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post

Now those with cash to burn can have EVEN BIGGER e-peens!!1!1

Not like a 285 is enough... but two... and now your talking.
When it comes to games like need that power. And it's not like GTA4's engine is's jsut that it's capable of so much, and we haven't even seen everything it can do yet. After playing both GTA4, and the new MidnightClub, which both use the same engine, I'm very eager to see other titles take advantage of this tech.

So while I agree that it's totally overkill for 99% of real-world uses, the few times that power is really needed, two of these cards would come in handy...4xGTX285 SLi, 8GB of framebuffer......and it's gonna be at what I'd consider a decent cost. If it comes out, I'll buy one, for sure.
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