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$40 for the Aspire 1 or the battery?

Still, like I said I'd prefer to save shipping and buy it at a full-on store. I'm still leaning towards the NC10 and paying the extra coin to ship it in. Dammit!

Through continued research I`ve also found the NC10-11PBK, which is dubbed the NC10 Special Edition, with an even longer 9hr+ battery life, more storage, and wireless N. Great...

EDIT: Sorry Realityshift, it seems we posted at approximately the same time =D. TY for your input especially, I will look into the 9-cell Wind.

Double-Edit: Upon further research the MSI Wind 9-cell does impress with a reported 8-9hr battery life, but it's a 9-cell and I would prefer to have a 6-cell for the lesser cost, etc. It's on special now at NCIX, if I can sell my lappy in time I can get one. I'm not terribly picky but I'm not one for the thing's looks...eugh...

Looking at other netbooks looks for the same-ish battery life and I'm still kinda gagging. Meh, I'll go for that wind, I'm a function over form person, but do want stuff to look...decent...

Lulz, at the same time I was researching shipping in an NC10 from the U.S, or even a Special Edition from the U.S. Apparently right now its hard, like really hard to find a vendor that will ship to Canada, plus it will be a huge cost for border fees, exchange rate, and not to mention just the long-distance shipping (depending where its coming from). Then theres a whole whack of problems with things like the warranty, and even the keyboard is an S.O.B because it's U.S. English or something like that. I dunno what the difference would be between U.S. and U.K. or Canada English keyboard, but seemingly it causes many people a pain in the ass so I decided not to go for it.
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