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My System Specs

Default e6400 and NVidia evga 680i 775 safe overclock

My new system is:
CPU-conroe e6400
MoBo- evga GeForce 680i SLi 775
RAM- OCZ Gold XTC 6400
GPU- nVidea 8800gts
Cooler- Arctic Cooler freezer pro

Case- Antec P180 ATX

I am new to this forum, and i see that members here seem to be very advanced OCers so I'm not sure this is the place to post such nooby trifles but here goes.....

Has anyone used the supposedly easy-as-pie overclocking features of this mobo with the e6400(or other low-end conroes)? I got this board because I am new to the overclocking game and I'd like to overclock this system without compromising the cpu lifespan too much. Unfortunately, this board isn't included in the tom's hardware guide to OCing. Can anyone recommend good (safe) setting for the bios? Will there be any problems with my middle-of-the road RAM. From what i understand, because of the board's ability to unlink the cpu bus and the memory bus allowing me to run each asynchronously-- which (I think) would overcome the typical imitations of RAM that may be less than ideal for OCing.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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