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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Okay, if you don't have enough Money for that.

Do they have other Coolermaster Cases?

Like the CM590 centurion? The Elite 330 ?
Or how about ThermalTake Soprano? Armor Jr?

Good days again, I listed the cases and prices below:

Cooler Master Cases

ELITE RC-335 MidT ATX Black (59 $ - no PSU)
ELITE RC-335 350W MidT ATX Black (63 $)
ELITE RC-332 390W MidT ATX Black (72 $)
ELITE RC-333 390W MidT ATX Black (72 $)
ELITE RC-334 460W MidT ATX Black (99 $)
ELITE RC-331 460W MidT ATX Black (119$ including Coolermaster Slim Keyboard and Mouse)
RC-690 460W nVIDIA SLI midT ATX (119 $)
CENTURION RC-T05 550W MidT ATX (149$)
RC-690 600W nVIDIA SLI MidT ATX (179$)

Thermaltake Cases too expensive, I can only spend 150 $ for case.

I can spend only 1000$ for all of parts. Only this parts stucked in my list:

# Gigabyte / EP45-DS3L DDR2 1200Mhz (125 $)
# Corsair / 4 GB (2x2) XMS2 800Mhz DDR2 CL5 6400 (69 $)

Let's think about others..

Originally Posted by joeperson View Post
When buying a processor you can usually get it one of two ways. The retail option comes in a box and includes things like instructions and a cpu fan. The other option usually involves just the processor by it self without a cpu fan or much of anything.

You listed the Hyper TX2 CPU Fan for 39$ as an option for a cpu fan. If the e8400 you intend to buy doesn't come with a cpu fan the TX2 should do fine. If the e8400 you're going to buy comes with a cpu fan that fan will work. The cpu fan that would come with an e8400 would probably be louder then the TX2 though.

It may help if you can list rough cost of all the parts you will be buying to see where cheaper alternatives can be found to better fit into your budget.
Okey. I understand now. They sell all CPUs in their box. (As you tell with cpu fan..)
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