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This goes for any sequel/prequel to the original. The only games that I thought had outstanding sequels were Doom II, Super Smash Bros. (I know, not really story based). Same goes for movies. Terminator 2? AMAZING.

SKYMTL, I totally agree with the whole game developer being lazy. They're missing out on a lot of details that make a game good. Yes, visuals are key to immersing somebody into the game, but it's really the storyline and gameplay that counts. This is why Half-Life 2 is what I would call the best storylined FPS game ever. Far Cry 2, not so much. Game Developers really have to show what they are made of by introducing the beginning of a story on each game, and that could be through first person or narration. Most games these days feel like, "Okay, I'm on a planet right now...OH SHIT! THERE'S GUNFIRE! Shoot the bastards!", and the game begins...for me? I say WTF to that all the time.

This is mostly why I haven't bought a game in a long time and stick to the ones that I've played. Yeah, I'll play them at a friends house, but I laugh when we start a game up from the beginning and immediately we're a dude getting raped by all the people around us. I laugh because I have no idea what's going on and I feel like I'm the girl in a 20-man gangbang; I'm getting all this attention and action from all these dudes, but why were they shooting at me in the first place? Like why am I here? I'll admit that Far Cry 2 at least had a decent beginning, but after that it was entirely random, and gave up after half way through because it had no direction.

There are too many developers these days just to make a quick buck and move on. This is also the reason why we are running out of ideas too because everyone is coming up with something, however they just can't find the correct chemistry to make the game work. But, this goes back to the storyline. The storyline makes a game really what it is. It has to blatantly tell you what the purpose of the game is and tell what you're going to do throughout. Doom II is a shoot 'em up FPS that, right from the get-go, you shoot up all the demons from Hell and the game is over. Half-Life, you're Gordon Freeman, a scientist who f**** things up at a research facility and two worlds meet, where throughout the game tells you a story.

I feel you SKY. Quit concentrating on the GFX and give me a story.
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