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Originally Posted by joeperson View Post
Unless your buying an e8400 none retail (without the stock cooler) or are concerned about how quiet you can make your machine you might consider not picking up an aftermarket option.

The PSU would be probably be lesser quality but even if it weren't you'd be pushing it's limited capacity more so then a 600W psu. The Cooler Master RC-690 without a psu would be preferable. Is the CM-690+460W psu a combo deal put together by someone else? I don't think the 690 normally comes with one.
I don't understand what you are saying about E8400..

I'll go to buy my system in an electronic market which one of the biggest markets in my country. They are not selling RC-690 460W without PSU. If there is an option like this I prefered it too. But there is no option.

You said go with RC-690 and an extra PSU (Corsair or OCZ???)...
My bucket may be not enough for this...

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
As I Said in my original Reply to this.
Do not go for that PSU. It is some cheap brand that I very much doubt could do 300W let alone 460W.

600W would suffice for what you are using.

Okey I understand clearly now. But OCZ or Corsair I can't decide...
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