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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Yes for the Corsair XMS2 800MhZ , I run 4 Sticks of that with no Issues whatsoever after 2 years now I think.

The RC690 is perfect (may want to pick up a few Extra 120mm Fans for additional cooling.

For the PSU.


Corsair TX750
Thermaltake Toughpower 700.

If they are too expensive,
See if you can find the Thermaltake Litepower 600's kicking around there.
They are a Mainstream PSU and good for the money.

Okey I will go buy Corsair 4 GB (2x2) XMS2 800Mhz if there is no Corsair Dominator.

I want to ask something.

Cooler Master RC-690 with 460W PSU is 149 $ and they are offers Hyper TX2 CPU Fan for 39$.

Is this 460W PSU, REAL? or Is it factory output??

If it is factory output I will go buy another PSU, like 600W Corsair. (But is 600W enough for this system??)
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