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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I personally would not get a Board that supported both DDR2 and DDR3.
That makes for a lot of complication on the board.

If those are your Choices for PSU's , either Thermaltake, or Corsair.

For the Case, Thermaltake or Coolermaster offerings are generally good.

All depends which models are available in your country.

Hmm... Maybe I will go with Gigabyte DS3L...

Soultrinubal, which case and power supply you are prefer to suggest me?

I looked the price of RAMs also. Here the charts;


4 GB (2x2) Kit 1066 Mhz DDR2 Dominator with Airflow Cooler (119 $)
4 GB (2x2) XMS2 1066 Mhz DDR2 8500 CL5 (89 $)
4 GB (2x2) XMS2 800 Mhz DDR2 6400 CL5 (69 $)

** There is no 4 GB 800Mhz DDR2 Dominator in stock.


4 GB (2x2) 800Mhz DDR2 Platinium 6400 CL5 (77 $)
4 Gb (2x2) 1066Mhz DDR2 Platinium 8500 CL5 (87 $)
4 GB (2x2) 1066MHz DDR2 8500 Reaper (96 $)
4 GB (2x2) 800Mhz DDR2 CL5 Reaper (72 $)
4 GB (2x2) 1066Mhz DDR2 Platinum Edition XTC CL5 (108 $)

What you should think about these? I will go with Dominotor 1066Mhz or a different one?

And the cases, Therlmaltake is too expensive but Cooler Master is good. If I go with Cooler Master RC690 should I get an extra PSU??

Originally Posted by joeperson View Post
The gigabyte P45-DS3L P45 and the asus P5Q SE P45 vary in the little details. The biggest differences I notice are gigabytes "ultra durable" and the audio chip set. Basically a price or preference choice. If you have a preference for one brand and there isn't a big difference in price go with your preference. If the price difference is big enough and you don't have a preference go for the cheaper one.
Thanks man really thanks. :) But somewhere reviewed there is an program in DS3L - Dynamic Energy Saver - is that make any problem for me??

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