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Thanks for the replies, helped a lot, sucks the fastest card will only go as fast as the slower one... never thought about that option.

I should've went into a bit more detail, I never said why I wanted it .

Someday I want to buy an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray burner/reader and I'm HDing my whole computer now instead of later, that's why I got the HD capable screen, and want an HD capable card, and going 64bit on Vista.

I heard that the nexgen card was just a rumor when they said it was going to be 4 times better than the GTX, I heard it was only going to be an update. Don't wanna wait for an update, 4th quarter I think it's coming out... I want it now lol. Ultra is only 20% better than gtx and close to 300$ more... not worth it.

My plan is either to wait till the Ultra gets around the same price as the GTX is now (in like, 500 years) or buy a one GTX for now.

Awesome on the replies!
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