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My System Specs

Default well

your psu is certainly big enough.
The DC deal on the BFG is a good mine yesterday. Placed order wednesday night and flown across country to my door monday morning!

SLI really depends on your monitor. At 1680 future games should play very well on a 8800GTX.

If you wait a bit there will be more powerful single cards than the ultra soon too although a quadcore will probably be the only thing thats not a bottleneck here.

Remember your AMD cpu is about the same as core2 at around 2.6 if you look at toms hardware charts.

Also for raw power 2900XT's in crossfire is the way to go for SLI. With the new phenom chip they are rumored to have broken 30000 3dmarks (06). Without the phenom they will go into 16000 comfortably. Only someone with a very large high resolution display would need this, unless you just want bragging rights.
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