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Default Cooling my 4870

I've decided to get an aftermarket heatsink for my 4870. Temps are waaaay too high, games crash and fan is loud as hell. Honestly i think next gpu won't be an ATI if they don't fix their overheating problem.

Gonna get the accelero s1 rev2 - Buy Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 Passive VGA Cooler - ACCELERO-S1-REV2 In Canada.

with the fans - Buy Arctic Cooling Turbo Module Dual Fan Addon for Accelero S1 and S2 VGA Coolers - TURBO-MOD In Canada.

Do you guys have any better cooling to suggest me, besides the expensive thermalright?

I'd like to know if i should buy some good adhesive or thermal paste (i have none at home, except some cheap thermal paste...)

After i pull the trigger and buy it, i'll publish my first product review here, athought there is already one about it... more can't be bad!

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