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My System Specs


Vista problems = user error

Vista far from perfect, but most problems have been faced and patched. SP1 will be here soon as well. I am going Vista Premium 64bit myself since it is the future (64 bit OS that is). Everyone I know running vista (20 people and counting) have no issues with it. I am still not happy that we have to run Vista for DX10, but if you want to play you gotta pay..... (I hate you with every inch of my being M$). Anyways, skip Ultimate, they have really not delivered on any promises of the extras that are supposed to come with it.
NEW (to me) Intel DQ67SW/I7 2600/12GB DDR3/ASUS CUII R9 290X 4GB/2X150GB VR HD's/ASUS Xonar D1

HTPC: Dell 960 SFF Q9550/8GB DDR2/R7 250 2GB/128GB SSD/2TB HDD

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