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kef r definatly my next purchase 4 home speakers ive allmost bought them a few times but i end up buyin more lcd t.v's[4 the kids rooms] ,ive heard them and there great very clear crisp sound.they have the 5.25" and the 6.and a halfs inches in the bookshelf speakers.[visions has the 5.25 bookshelf speakers onsale now 4 $198;00 that is half price.the 6 and a halfs r $500;00.

they make great center chanels 2, 1 is a single speaker,and the other is a 3 speaker center chanel

towers r realy high qaulity but prety pricy

sub's r decent but i like my 12" veladine sub

when i replace my nuance speakers i will 4 sure b byein the kefs
Man all this computor stuff is 2 addicting.Even thou i dont need 2 i allways wanna upgrade.
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