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The website contains very little information in regards to what is happening with the project...

what they are studying is explained in slight detail, but its missing a lot of information (example Research Overview)

The website states POEM@HOME implements a novel approach to understand these aspects of protein structure. What is the Novel approach through... I guess what I would really like to see is the "Our project in Detail" section to be greatly expanded.

obviously its a small project just starting up, but I think if they want more volunteers they need to really explain what is being done and by who... I dont see any names... seems odd to me...

What I really dont like though... is that while the Poem@Home page says that it is non-profit, it is owned by "FZK-INT" which doesn't seem to say anything about being non-profit... see below... so are they 100% non profit...

Google Translate

Also it says POEM@HOME is based at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe but it doesn't mention anything about the University of BC or Canada at all for that matter...

Dont get me wrong, based on what I see on the Poem@home webpage, it looks like it is more then likely a good cause, but when they say things like:
develop new drugs on the basis of the three-dimensions structure of biologically important proteins.
I just want to know if these drugs are going to be "for profit" for FZK-INT...
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