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Originally Posted by misterhelpmeplease View Post
okay, well I fixed the problm, this forrum is not at all helpful so no, I guess this topis isn't dead.
If u want to be ignorant and agree with that muppet Jdrom u do that,
and u know what you can do with your coolermaster fans.....
Hey dude;
Before saying our community sucks, try posting your issues in one thread. You have two separate threads for the same issue, and when I see that, it becomes a pain trying to help as you have to follow two separate discussions to see what solutions and advice have already been offered. I saw your threads, and thought about helping, but it was going to be confusing as heck with the way you went about asking.

Not trying to flame, just offering an explanation as to why you did not get the response you were hoping for, so that you can improve your requests in the future. Constructive criticism for yourself and others new to posting in forums.


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