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Dude you fixed your problem, no reason to praise me in one topic and then be so rude in others, the CM fans work great and for the price are much better then the tri cools which is why I sudgested them... Dont like that sudgestion then dont go with the fans, no reason what so ever to tell me where to stick them, that is just rude and completely uncalled for.

Yes this topic is dead as you posted pretty much the same issue again in another spot in the threads, you can keep your questions in that topic instead of spreading them out, atleast thats what me and obivously JDrom thought. It is not appropriate for a new member to call long time members like Jdrom a mupper or any names for that matter, I personally have alot of respect for JD, I may not always share his views or oppinions but he knows what hes doing and has proved that to me time and time again....
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