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Originally Posted by omgwtf View Post
So, I own a Silverstone TJ 04. It's the windowed edition.
Anyway, the front looks kinda nasty with dozens of stickers with ubuntu, sansa, amd, creative and others. The cable management is a mess. I kept saying to myself "oh yeah, I'm definitely gonna do it next time" so 7 months passed by.

I got some bucks that I can "invest" in the case. First of all I was thinking by switching those 2x12cm standard coolers with some Yate Loons or Noctua.
Second I wanna do a little cable management, so prolly I will buy a uv cable sleeving kit.
I wanna paint the inside color all black or ...what do you guys think it will look better?
Can't I replace the hdd cage with something else to sustain my hdd? That is really annoying. And those purple clip-on plastic things. I hate them.
It's 11pm and I'm a bit tired, I'll see if I can come up with other things tomorrow. Also I'm going to need your help since this is my first time moding a case.

And some canadian sites that I can get the things that I will need?
So far : ncix, directcanada...
They can be also in us if the shipping taxe is low that's gonna be ok.
Don't bother with Noctuas as Yate Loons or S-Flex have a much higher cfm vs db rating.

In regards to the hard drive cage you could keep it but you will need to keep the purple things.

Leave the inside silver, don't go uv and just get a nice blue light.
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