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Default Suggestions about modding a Silverstone TJ04...

So, I own a Silverstone TJ 04. It's the windowed edition.
Anyway, the front looks kinda nasty with dozens of stickers with ubuntu, sansa, amd, creative and others. The cable management is a mess. I kept saying to myself "oh yeah, I'm definitely gonna do it next time" so 7 months passed by.

I got some bucks that I can "invest" in the case. First of all I was thinking by switching those 2x12cm standard coolers with some Yate Loons or Noctua.
Second I wanna do a little cable management, so prolly I will buy a uv cable sleeving kit.
I wanna paint the inside color all black or ...what do you guys think it will look better?
Can't I replace the hdd cage with something else to sustain my hdd? That is really annoying. And those purple clip-on plastic things. I hate them.
It's 11pm and I'm a bit tired, I'll see if I can come up with other things tomorrow. Also I'm going to need your help since this is my first time moding a case.

And some canadian sites that I can get the things that I will need?
So far : ncix, directcanada...
They can be also in us if the shipping taxe is low that's gonna be ok.
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