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Again with the DDR3 guys, there is no benefit to price for using the DDR3 AMD platforms, its added cost for no added performance. As it stands, ddr3 does not leave any more upgradablity in the future then DDR2 as the AM3 platform and CPUs are backwards compatible and will remain so untill AMD moves up to a new platform...

the 780G chipsets are OLD, the 790x and GX are designed around the AM2+/AM3 CPUs....

Like mentioned before go with that motherboard you linked katsumara, and some good G.Skill DDR2, your looking at great price vs performance and features going that route vs getting a DDR3 motherboard and ram.

Also you are right about how much power you will draw, theres no need whats so ever for a 650w PSU, you are adament about not going crossfire in the future and to be perfectly honest I would say the corsair 450w PSU would be enough for this build.
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