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First off, not many of us are experts at USD builds, I personally have no idea what pricing is like or what sites are best for the states. That being said ill put what I know to work on the parts your looking at.

For your pricerange you should propbubly stay away from DDR3, it will make no difference in this build what so ever other then costing you more. Try and find a decent 790x or 790GX with DDR2 instead of ddr3, theres lots of them in the range of $100-$150 CND so you should be able to find one pretty cheap. The cpu you chose will work good for what you need as will the video card, XFX is a great company to work with. The hard drive, personally I would spend the extra on a 640gb western digital black, as its much faster and the price per gb is less.

You could get away with the Antec power supply for this build, its not as good as the corsairs, but this build could get by on 450w so the 500 will be good enough since your not looking at going crossfire or overclocking.

Ramwise go with G.Skill or mushkin if you can, their normally cheaper and better quality, if you go with those DDR3 kits, the G.Skill is much better then the XMS and cheaper. But like I said DDR3 will make no difference on this rig.

You could easily get away with the stock cooler on the X3 720, it wont run hot enough to matter if your not overclocking.

I totaly feel your pain, im running an amd xp single core 2200+ with 1gb of ram and a 9600SE... my main build is down till next week =(

I have to admit for a new builder you did a good job of putting this together, and an awesome job on the first post, the more info we get from you the easier it is for us to help =D

Just so you know the 790FX motherboards are pretty well meant for people looking to run crossfire with more then 2 video cards ;) the 790x and GX are centered around the more budget builds but still offer a TON of features for the price.
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