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Default Curious about Vantage scores

Hey, I just got my second GTX 260 SC Core 216 card, and threw it in for my SLi setup last night.

At the moment, I am running a Q6700, not OC, want to up my cooling a bit , since previous attempts got pretty hot around 3.4, 4 gigs of OCZ ram at 1066, stock timings, all on a Evga 750i FTW mobo.

So I just ran 3d mark vantage after uninstalling and reinstalling the newest drivers from Nvidia, and my results are:

ORB - Compare

Just wondering if this seems ok for this system, I was thinking I would get more like 17k plus in the graphics, but I mean I am still new and the cards aren't overclocked yet, so just curious, still new with Overclocking and such.

Also, in certain games I played before I got the 2nd card, (WoW , Farcry 2, and a few more) WoW would never drop below 60 fps maxed out with one card, maybe to 50 for a couple seconds but nothing major, I'm noticing drops to 30 or so now, why would that happen ? Is it because of enabling Physx on the cards? I am not entirely sure.
Tried playing the new game Cryostasis which I got free with my new card, and it has some severe graphic lag in parts, any ideas?

Any info or advice would be awesome, thanks everyone.

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