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Originally Posted by Amon View Post
I've installed F@H onto my laptop (see signature). I've installed two instances of F@H console in separate folders and each console was assigned a unique CPUID (2 and 3) when being configured.

F@H is installed on my main PC without any configuration performed; I assume it defaults to CPUID 0 or 1.

Have I done this right?

Kind regards
oops i just reread your post ... on your main rig you should configure the client so you will fold for team=54196 and username=Amon_Anon ? (or whatever folding id you are going to use) If you don't set these values before you complete a wu, you will be folding under the anonymous/default userid on the anonymous/default team!

With the standard client, you should also configure it to accept big packets unless you are on dial up since it will let your client get wu's with bonus points if they are available.

also, that main rig might be a candidate for the smp client instead which potentially will produce a lot more points. How much cache does that cpu have and is it running oc'ed?

To reconfigure the client, stop it with ctrl-c. Then run the it with -configonly parameter on the command line - this is easiest to do by just setting up a shortcut to it and adding ' -configonly' to the end of the target string under shortcut properties. Or type it all in if you like to type. With a shortcut you can reuse it later.

I assumed in my answers that you used the v 5.04 text only client ... and that you didn't configure it to run as a service?

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