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Originally Posted by Amon View Post
I've installed F@H onto my laptop (see signature). I've installed two instances of F@H console in separate folders and each console was assigned a unique CPUID (2 and 3) when being configured.

F@H is installed on my main PC without any configuration performed; I assume it defaults to CPUID 0 or 1.

Have I done this right?

Kind regards
When you say cpu id i assume you mean machineid which it the parameter used by the client and is stored in client.cfg. Machineid does not create an affinity in the os to one of the cores - it just makes each instance unique.

Any value from 1-8 can be used in the v 5.04 client. The default is 1. If you put in a value outside of 1-8, the client will default to 1 and update the client.cfg to reflect that.

2 and 3 are fine on your dual core merom. It doesn't matter what you use as long as both instances on 1 rig are different from each other and between 1 and 8.

On your other rig with one instance, if you look in client.cfg or run the client with -configonly switch, you will see that machineid=1 is set.

So the answer to your question is yes, you have done it right.

Be careful that you don't use an editor like wordpad to touch the client.cfg file since it will corrupt it and the next time the client starts it will write a default client.cfg which will have team=0 and username=0.
Notepad will work but doesn't display it properly since it is a unix format file and does not use CRLF at the end of each line like windows apps expect.
A free app like noteTAB or metatab works properly. I use notetab as my default editor.
Stanford does not recommend using editors on it ... use the -config or -configonly switches to change settings with the client unless you really know what you are doing with it.


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